Your small, sturdy, shaggy-coated wonder

About Cairndy

It all began with a beautiful puppy…

In October 2020, Poppy our Cairn Terrier turned 13. She has been an integral part of our family for over a decade and we can’t imagine life without her.

From the beginning she has been an independent spirit. Like most Terriers she prefers to “do her own thing”. Stubborn, wilful and determined, that’s just the way we like her.

I was pretty much #puttyinherpaws from the moment I saw her, but David, the disciplinarian in our family, was big on setting “The Ground Rules” …

  • No dogs upstairs
  • No dogs on the furniture
  • No dogs in the bed

Poppy made short work of his first 2 rules. The battleground for the third remains – as she gets to snuggle on our bed for a little while before we go to sleep.

She’s a lovely dog, and gets on well with everyone, with the sole exception of Lola the Westie. She loves children and anyone who might be carrying a treat: they get the full experience of her considerable appeal.

Poppy and the wonderful Cairn Terrier community we’ve met online has been the inspiration for this website. We’re just getting going with this site, our goal is to curate a selection of products and gifts that will appeal to Cairn owners, reflecting the unique nature of these “shaggy-coated” wonders.

About us

David and I spend most of our time at Sugar Web Services. We are lucky enough to work with a diverse range of businesses throughout the UK, and even one in Tuscany!

I indulge my love for jewellery and vintage homeware at Twinkleberry and David paints mini’s and restores books in his spare time. Together, we are keen cyclists and love nothing more than packing up our bikes and exploring other parts of the world on 2 wheels.

Work with us

Are you a creative who has something you would like to contribute to our range? Please get in touch, we are keen to support local, independant artists and crafts people in our plans for Cairndy.

Buying from Cairndy

We hope you find something you love on the site and we make every effort to get it to you quick sticks, and in tip top shape. Where possible we use recyclable or compostable packaging. We are trying our best to avoid sending you anything in plastic.

Find details of our Returns Policy here.