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“Anything for me?” Cairn Terrier Sticker


The “Anything for me” Cairn Terrier sticker has an original illustration of a Cairn Terrier, perfectly poised on her hind legs.

Sold in a sheet of 15 waterproof stickers.

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If Poppy wants a little bit of what you’ve got, she will lift herself up onto her hind legs and gently balance herself to get your attention, of course, she is now also that little bit closer to whatever you have that she wants! It’s such an adorable pose that she inevitably gets what she’s after and it’s that pose that was the inspiration for this illustration.

The “Anything for me?” stickers are a perfect way to embellish your gift wrap, parcels or envelopes.

Sold in a sheet of 15 waterproof stickers.


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